Top 6 Renovations to Increase Your Home’s Value

EAP Homes
EAP Homes
Published on June 22, 2017

Which Home Renovations to Do, and How to Get Them Done Properly

You’ve just decided to sell your home — and now you’re thinking of what you can do to increase your home’s value before putting it on the market. To avoid making costly mistakes, it’s important to know which home improvement projects can actually add value to your home and raise your asking price. Whether you’ll be focusing on attracting first-time homebuyers or luxury homebuyers, consider the following five key renovations to increase your home’s value.

Staging your home for spring showings1. Spice Up the Kitchen

Is your kitchen completely functional and ready to use right away? Homebuyers will be drawn to your property if the kitchen is up-to-date and in good condition, allowing the next homeowners to prepare meals worry-free immediately after moving in.

You don’t necessarily have to splurge on your kitchen upgrade. Focus on doing critical minor repairs, such as upgrading your kitchen faucets or updating a stained countertop. Change cabinet hardware and paint, and breathe life to the room by replacing the curtains. If your kitchen appliances are seriously outdated and your budget allows, you may want to invest in stainless steel-finished appliances for a modern, high-end vibe.

2. Renew the Bath

A clean, tidy and refreshing bathroom increases the appeal of your home. Give it a makeover by mounting a new mirror, enhancing the lighting, changing the shower curtain and adding decorative accents — and choose matching designs and finishes for a well-coordinated look. Additionally, consider installing a water-efficient toilet, corrosion-resistant faucet and granite vanity top. If you want durable but affordable flooring, vinyl floors are a smart choice.

3. Paint the Walls With Neutral Colors

A new coat of paint can do wonders in reviving walls and livening up your home overall. Repaint only where necessary rather than repaint the entire house — and be sure to choose a paint that effectively hides the old one. The bath, kitchen and boldly colored walls are key areas that usually need repainting.

Select neutral palettes instead of bold colors, as homebuyers have varying tastes and preferences. Neutral colors are easier to work with when personalizing the home interior. Allow homebuyers to envision themselves living in your home, and don’t put them off with brightly painted walls.

4. Improve Curb Appeal

Your chances of making a great first impression are much higher when your home exterior looks presentable and inviting. Transform the look of your house from the outside by repainting the front door, trimming overgrown bushes and displaying beautiful potted plants. Architectural roofing shingles deliver superior weather protection while boosting your home’s curb appeal.

5. Make Your Home Energy-Efficient

Your home’s energy efficiency can be a major factor affecting the purchase decision of potential homebuyers. To cut your utility bills, ensure your home is well-insulated and the water heater is operating efficiently. For your home lighting, LED lights are an excellent option as they are power-efficient and long-lasting. Adding in some smart home technology can really help boost your appeal to potential homebuyers as well.

6. Remove Overly Personal Elements

Is one of the bedrooms embellished with a lot of posters or bold wallpaper? Or perhaps a large photo gallery of your family still hangs along the staircase. Whatever it is, make sure to get rid of personal decor elements that catch attention for the wrong reasons. It’s best to strike a balance between making your home look move-in ready and enough of a blank slate to make customizing it easy.

After sprucing up your home, you’d want to set the best price possible to entice homebuyers and recuperate your investment. Online real estate marketplaces like Zillow can be helpful when initially getting home value estimates and gaining some insight on trending prices. Nonetheless, hiring a professional realtor is still crucial to have your home appraised properly, determine its exact worth and price it wisely. When you take time to improve your home and get help from a trusted realtor, you’ll be able to speed up the sale of your property and come out ahead.

Written by Charles Muotoh, the owner of, a full service real estate firm focused on leveraging digital marketing strategies to serve buyers and sellers of real estate in the Washington DC area.


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