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EAP Homes Salt Lake City RealtorEAP Homes is a top Salt Lake City REALTOR, nationally-published blogger, smart home expert, entrepreneur, and founder of SearchSaltLake.com; a website & blog serving and educating home buyers and sellers in Salt Lake City, Utah. Chris loves new technology, and is an expert on using that technology to have the most effective real estate marketing possible. Chris is an avid traveler, who also loves sports and being in the mountains. But above all that, he enjoys spending time with his family and being a Dad to his little boy. His team specializes in selling homes in Salt Lake City and ALL the surrounding areas, including Cottonwood Heights, Holladay, Millcreek, Draper, Sandy, and Olympus Cove.


EAP Homes Family in Murray ParkEAP Homes calls himself a “professional tourist”, and while traveling all over the country over the last few years, he gained a real appreciation of how great Salt Lake City really is, on so many levels. We live in such a beautiful city, with such great people and neighbors. Our cost of living is so low compared to many other major cities. Salt Lake is his home, and always will be. Since Chris has lived his entire life in Salt Lake, he knows the Salt Lake Valley like the back of his hand.


“When I first got into real estate, my motives were admittedly 100% selfish. I thought it would be cool to help people reach their real estate goals, but at that time I wasn’t able to fully comprehend what it would be like to help a first-time home buyer to navigate the buying process and buy their dream home. Then I quickly realized that my goal should be to help people get the best deal possible on their family’s home, keep their stress level and frustration to a minimum, and when selling a home in Salt Lake City, keep as much of their equity as possible by selling for absolute top dollar via great cutting edge marketing. By doing so, I have such a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction. My own personal goals are all met as a by product of doing the right thing and putting the needs of my clients first.

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Ever since I made this slight (but massively important) adjustment to how I approached how I operate as a real estate agent, I have never had so much fun, and I’ve never had so many amazingly warm, heartfelt reviews from my clients. I truly feel that I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing on this earth. I’m reminded of that every single day.”  – EAP Homes, Founder of Easy Agent PRO

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