A Complete Guide to Cottonwood Heights Homes For Sale

Cottonwood Heights Utah

A Guide to Cottonwood Heights Utah


City History, Ski Resorts, etc

Cottonwood Heights Utah is a city located on the east bench of the Salt Lake Valley. The city of Cottonwood Heights lies south of the cities of Holladay and Murray, east of Midvale, and north of Sandy. An approximate boundary for Cottonwood Heights is I-215 on the north, with the majority if the city lying between Big Cottonwood Canyon and Little Cottonwood Canyon. The majority of the Fort Union area and Union Heights area are within the borders of Cottonwood Heights Utah as well.

In 2007, Money magazine rated Cottonwood Heights at #100 on their Best Places to Live list. Woo hoo! Yay for Cottonwood Heights!

In 2005, Cottonwood Heights, Utah took its first steps as an incorporated city. The tale of Cottonwood Heights began in the early days after Mormon pioneers came to the area to sow their crops and live their lives. Famous families like the Butlers and McGees arrived in this area to homestead and provide lumber for the growing population in Salt Lake. By the 1860’s logs were being brought out of the canyon for homebuilders and the railroad, while granite blocks were chiseled out of Little Cottonwood Canyon to supply stone for the Salt Lake LDS Temple. Conversely shipments were also going up the canyon bringing food and supplies to workers and their families living in the growing towns of Alta and Mineral Basin.

The original settlement was called Butlerville, named after one of the prominent families who settled the area.

Over the next century, Butlerville grew and progressed until it started to take shape as the city we know today, assisting in some of the most important changes that took place in the valley.

There are FOUR world-class ski resorts within a 15-30 minute drive from almost anywhere in Cottonwood Heights:

  • Big Cottonwood Canyon: Brighton & Solitude – both are local favorites
  • Little Cottonwood Canyon: Alta & Snowbird (my personal favorite!) – Both are world-renowned ski resorts

Cottonwood Heights Utah

Why move to Cottonwood Heights?

As a resident of Cottonwood Heights for many years, I can confidently say it is one of the most convenient, and beautiful cities in all of Salt Lake County. When I speak of convenience, here’s what I mean…

  • Proximity to the mountains– The entire city of Cottonwood Heights lies between both Big Cottonwood Canyon and Little Cottonwood Canyon. If you want to go for a quick hike after work, have a picnic, or hit the slopes of one of Utah’s best ski resorts, you really only have a short 15-20 minute drive. Even if you live on the far west part of Cottonwood Heights Utah, you’re still no more than 20-30 minutes away from Brighton Ski Resort, Solitude Mountain Resort, Snowbird and Alta. Being so close to the mountains is my personal favorite thing about living in Cottonwood Heights.
  • Quick access freeway system– Ask anyone who lives in Cottonwood Heights what their favorite thing about the city is, and chances are they’ll mention “quick access to the freeways.” All you have to do is head north, down the hill, to hop on I-215 and then you can get anywhere in the Salt Lake area pretty quickly. Even a drive up Parley’s Canyon to Park City should take less than 30 min from anywhere in Cottonwood Heights.

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Guide to Cottonwood Heights Real Estate

Living in Cottonwood Heights

Learn all there is to know about the Real Estate market in Cottonwood Heights Utah by a top Cottonwood Heights Utah Realtor – EAP Homes of EXP Realty and Founder of SearchSaltLake.com. If you are a buying a home in Salt Lake City and want to explore the east bench area between Big & Little Cottonwood Canyons, then you’re in the right place. We keep our finger on the pulse of Cottonwood Heights Utah; specifically Cottonwood Heights homes for sale. If you want more info about the Cottonwood Heights area, please get in touch as we have been actively buying and selling homes here for many years! Plus, Chris lived in Cottonwood Heights for years and knows it very well. There are very few Cottonwood Heights real estate agents that have the track record of being a top producer year after year. If you are looking to sell your home in Cottonwood Heights Utah, I would welcome the opportunity to show you how we get the job done! More about that later…

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This page is dedicated to searching for Homes for sale in Cottonwood Heights. If it’s on the market, you’ll find it here, regardless who the listing brokerage is. If you have any questions about a particular home for sale in Cottonwood Heights, or elsewhere, please don’t hesitate to either give us a call, or just ‘Contact Us’

Top Cottonwood Heights Realtor

Why Choose A Top Producer?

If you’re thinking about selling your home, investment property, condominium, or other Cottonwood Heights Real Estate, allow us to help make the sale a pleasant (and successful!) experience.

When interviewing Cottonwood Heights Realtors there should be a number of important things you look for in the interview, including the agents past track record of success, statistical data such as list price to sale price ratios, and average days on market.  In addition, you should find out what communication and marketing skills they have. Extremely crucial these days, How current are they with technology, social media, and online marketing?

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We have been selling homes in and around Cottonwood Heights, Utah for many years.  Contact us to discuss how we can best serve your Cottonwood Heights real estate needs!

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