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Holladay, Utah is one of the most upscale, beautiful, green (lots and lots of big, tall trees!), and highly desirable areas to live in all of Salt Lake City. The Walker Lane, Olympus Cove, and Knudsen’s Corner neighborhoods are the most expensive, high-end neighborhoods in Salt Lake County. Holladay is the area in which many Utah Jazz players live, as well as Mitt Romney and his wife Ann and many other top business leaders and professionals at the top of their field. These highly successful people have worked hard all their lives and earned the right to live where they want to. It’s very telling that many choose Holladay, Utah as their home. A portion of Olympus Cove lies within Holladay, UT city boundaries.

Where the heck is Holladay Utah?

The City of Holladay lies on the east bench of the Salt Lake City valley, at the feet of Mt. Olympus and the Wasatch mountains. The city boundaries are roughly 3900 South on the North and I-215 on the South, with approx 1300 East on the West and the Mountains / I-215 on the East.

Semi-boring Facts about Holladay Utah:

  • Average Home Sale Price: $417,500 (for 2015)
  • Median Home Listing Price: $499,000
  • City Population: 30,784 (as of Jan. 1, 2015)
  • Female 52.4% / Male 47.6% (you lucky dogs!)


City History of Holladay Utah

Holladay Utah City MonumentOn July 29, 1847 a group of Mormon pioneers, led by John Holladay, entered the Salt Lake Valley. Within weeks after their arrival, they discovered a free flowing, spring fed stream, which they called Spring Creek (near today’s Kentucky Avenue). While most of the group returned to the Fort in Great Salt Lake for the winter, two or three men built dugouts along this stream and wintered over. Thus, this became the first village established away from Great Salt Lake City itself. In the spring, a number of families hurried out to build homes and tame the land. There were numerous springs and ponds here and grasses and wild flowers were abundant, making this a most desirable area for settlement. When John Holladay was named as the branch president of the Church, the village took the name of Holladay’s Settlement or Holladay’s Burgh.

As homes were built, commercial ventures developed, first at the intersection of Highland Drive and Murray-Holladay Road, with David Brinton’s Mercantile Co-op and Brinton-Gunderson Blacksmith Shop. As the community grew, businesses tended to move east of the intersection of Holladay Blvd and Murray-Holladay Road, where more of the residents lived. Neilson’s Store and Harper-Bowthorpe Blacksmith Shop were popular and well-frequented businesses for many years. Favorable conditions for agriculture, orchards and businesses allowed for continued growth over the years.

The Holladay and Cottonwood communities were unincorporated areas of Salt Lake County and 15 years ago efforts were made by a dedicated group of citizens to incorporate as a separate entity, but area citizens voted against incorporation by a narrow margin. Salt Lake County, the Utah Supreme Court and/or the Utah State Legislature frustrated subsequent efforts and citizens weren’t allowed another incorporation vote until May 4, 1999. On that day, a better-informed citizenry voted by over 83% to approve incorporation and the City of Holladay was officially incorporated on November 30, 1999. – Courtesy of City of Holladay website

Holladay Utah is the oldest continuously inhabited settlement in Utah, since Salt Lake City was abandoned for a time in 1857 when Johnston’s Army occupied the city.

Cottonwood Mall

In the 1960s the Cottonwood Mall was constructed in Holladay, it being Utah’s first enclosed shopping mall. The mall was closed down in 2007 after a plan to turn the mall into a European-style outdoor shopping village was announced. It’s now 2016, and we still have not seen any meaningful movement on developing the Cottonwood Mall area. Announcements have been made that Megaplex Theaters and a Smiths Food and Drug flagship grocery store will be part of the development, but so far no construction has begun.

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