‘Siri, unlock the front door!’

What if you could unlock your front door simply by using your voice? Thanks to smart home technology, you can! Maybe both hands are full because you are carrying your toddler in one arm and have a few bags in the other and can’t really fumble for your keys. What if you could know exactly who entered your home, and when? Taking that one step further, what if you have family in town for Christmas, but you have to stay late at work for an emergency meeting and won’t be there to let them in? They are taking an Uber and you don’t want them waiting in the cold for another hour until you can get home. Wouldn’t it be cool as hell to be able to remotely and wirelessly send your visiting family a temporary “e-key” that will only work for the 3 days they’re in town? After that the key would expire and be useless. You could be in your office, miles away from home and say “Siri, unlock my front door.” Talk about a gamechanger.

august smart lock If this kind of smart home technology existed, you could be in Paris but still unlock your door to let your neighbor in to feed your dog while you’re away. What if you could simply unlock your door by approaching it, and then have it automatically lock itself again behind you? Sounds pretty futuristic and far fetched, right?

Wrong. The future is now! The smart home revolution is coming, but to be honest, it’s already here. If you haven’t heard about the August Smart Lock yet, you will. Especially now that August, the maker of this smart lock, has teamed up with Apple to integrate their smart home technology with Siri.


In 2014, August released the August Smart Lock, an amazing smart home device that could eventually make keys obsolete. The August Smart Lock is controlled by your smartphone through an app, which is Bluetooth enabled. It allows you (or whoever you choose to grant access to) to lock and unlock your door. Earlier in 2015, August stepped up their game again and teamed with a little company out west called Apple. By enabling the Smart Lock with Apple’s HomeKit, you’ll now be able to use Siri to lock or unlock your door. August decided to also make some external design changes to their smart home lock, by adding a magnetic faceplate to better hide the batteries, and a sweet-looking chrome indicator to show whether it’s locked or not just by looking at it. The smart lock comes in a few different colors to match the style of your home. To compliment the new Apple HomeKit-enabled Smart lock, August has developed two new smart devices: the Smart Keypad and Doorbell Cam.

What if you lose your phone?


“But what if I lose my phone? Won’t I be locked out?” Nope. The August Smart Keypad is a small numbered keypad, similar to a garage door keypad, that allows access into your home by punching in a code. If you accidentally leave both your keys and phone at work, you can just enter in your passcode to unlock your Smart Lock. Passcodes can be made for either repeated use, temporary use, or one-time use, meaning you can give your house cleaner a passcode that expires after being used once, while maintaining a permanent code for you and your family.

The Doorbell Cam is as simple as it sounds: A smart doorbell that when integrated with the smart lock, allows homeowners to see and talk to whoever’s at their door… whether they’re home or not. Say what!? When someone comes to your door and rings the smart doorbell, a one-way video will pop up on the August app on your phone. So even if you’re still at work or lying in bed, you have the option to tap a button and remotely buzz the visitor in. Cool, ehh? The August Doorbell Cam can also act as a smart security camera by giving you on-demand video access through the August app, or by sending you notifications on your phone whenever it detects motion.

august products

Where to buy this smart home technology

All of these August smart home devices are available today at Amazon, or via the August website. The HomeKit Enabled August Smart Lock ($229 at Amazon), regular August Smart Lock ($199 at Amazon), Smart Keypad ($79 at Amazon), and Doorbell Cam ($199 at Amazon).


How Smart Home Technology Is About To Make Keys Obsolete

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