You can thank us now, because these 10 local coffee shops in Salt Lake City are frickin’ awesome.

Contrary to popular belief, SLC actually has some great local coffee shops. The strange, unfounded misconception that “you can’t get decent coffee in Utah” is just that; a misconception. They just don’t know better! So we’re here to educate 🙂

I’d go as far as to say that the 10 best coffee shops in Salt Lake City would probably all make the list of Top 50 coffee shops in the country. Bold statement, ehh? Yes, it is. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and bookmark this article on your phone, hop in the car (or on your bike or TRAX) and head over to the nearest one of these 10 best coffee shops in Salt Lake City to test my theory out yourself. Even better, clear your schedule for the rest of the day. It’s time to go “coffee shop hopping!” Bottoms up, SLC.

Behold, the 10 Best Coffee Shops in Salt Lake City (based on the proven, purely scientific selection method of Yelp, Google, and well, my opinion)…

publik coffee salt lake city

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1. Publik.

I have to say, as someone who spends tons of time with marketing and branding, Publik Coffee Roasters is a masterful with their branding. The logo is instantly recognizable, and it’s appropriately plastered everywhere it should be. Their flagship location at 975 S West Temple in the Granary District doesn’t look like much on the outside, but the inside is INCREDIBLE! The old renovated warehouse was a printing press for decades. Publik Coffee is actually the only 100% solar powered coffee roaster in Utah… AWESOME! Their building is now used by a ton of local photographers because of the uniqueness and character of the place. My first visit to Publik Coffee was impressive. Then I ordered my coffee… a few sips into my cold brew and I knew Publik deserved the #1 spot on the list. At Publik, you don’t just get coffee; you get an experience. From the mason jar they served my cold brew coffee in, to the baked goods, to the in-house coffee roasting in giant machines behind the big glass windows, these guys nailed it. Super tasty coffee, drinks, and food and an awesome SLC experience to go with it. The other two locations are in The Avenues and Publik Kitchen at 9th & 9th.

Publik Coffee, 975 S West Temple, SLC, UT 84101 – 801-355-3161

coffee garden salt lake city

Photo Credit: Coffee Garden Facebook Page

2. Coffee Garden

Located in the hip, thriving 9th & 9th neighborhood, Coffee Garden sits next to Tower Theater on the southwest corner of the intersection. Of all of these 10 best coffee shops in Salt Lake City, I’ve been to Coffee Garden the most. Lately, I got myself hooked on their locally-baked Lavender Peach Danishes. Ohh my hell, they’re ridiculous, and you need one ASAP. They’re known for their amazing coffee and espresso drinks, their large selection of teas, and the previously mentioned pastries, like the Butternut Squash Croissant. Coffee Garden is a “9th & 9th O.G.” which sits across the street from it’s original location where  Free wi-fi, so you certainly won’t feel out of place w/ your laptop. Coffee Garden is definitely a hangout spot, which means that when it’s busy, you may have a hard time finding a table.

Coffee Garden, 878 E 900 S, SLC, UT 84105 – 801-355-3425

alchemy coffee salt lake city

Photo Credit: Alchemy Coffee Facebook Page

3. Alchemy

Alchemy Coffee has two different locations in Salt Lake. Their flagship store on 390 E 1700 S in Sugarhouse, and then 271 N Center Street on Capitol Hill. Their choice of art and decoration is certainly unique, with some elements that remind me of the famous Voodoo Donuts shops in Portland. Both Alchemy locations are different in their look and feel, but are still consistent in the attention they pay to quality and consistency. The Capitol Hill spot has become somewhat of a gathering place in the neighborhood, something that area lacked prior to Alchemy. And of course, the coffee kicks ass 🙂

Alchemy Coffee, 271 N Center Street, SLC, UT – (801) 403-6157

Sugar House Coffee in Salt Lake City

Photo Credit: Facebook

4. Sugar House Coffee

Since 2002, Sugar House Coffee has been one of the best local coffee shops in Salt Lake City, in the heart of the Sugar House neighborhood. Right at the intersection of what many consider to be “downtown Sugar House”, 21st South and 11th East, Sugar House Coffee is much more than just a coffee shop. It’s a meeting place, a lunch spot, a place to discover great local music, and a familiar face amongst the fast-changing Sugar House area. Over the last decade, Sugar House Coffee has bounced around a few different times, but never traveled too far from it’s current location. Check out their full menu of great food, and their coffee from local roaster, Rimini Coffee.

Sugar House Coffee, 2011 South 1100 East, SLC, UT – (801) 883-8867

blue copper coffee salt lake city

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5. Blue Copper Coffee Room

Blue Copper Coffee is a “smallish coffee roasting company” founded in early 2013 in the up & coming Central Ninth district of Salt Lake City, Utah. Their coffee shop, Blue Copper Coffee Room is just two doors down from their roastery. According to their website, they “serve our curated selection of coffees on a variety of equipment including an Alphadominche Steampunk & a La Marzocco Strada. Espresso is a big passion of ours and we serve two unique offerings at any given time on our Compak grinders.

We also serve a handful of non-coffee beverages including locally sourced teas & hand crafted seasonal drinks. Our food selection comes from bagel masters and pastry wizards right here in SLC.”

Blue Copper Coffee Room, 179 west 900 south, SLC, UT  

Greenhouse Effect Coffee in Salt Lake City

Photo Credit: Facebook

6. Greenhouse Effect

Greenhouse Effect Coffee & Crepes is the only one of the 10 Best Local Coffee Shops in Salt Lake City that is not actually in Salt Lake City. It’s technically in Millcreek. But it’s awesome, and local, and they’re just barely outside SLC, so here they are. Greenhouse Effect is a quaint, family owned, local coffee spot with a very creative and funky atmosphere. They also have some of the finest tea, crepes and coffee in the city. Greenhouse Effect is open very late (till 1am), so if you feel like playing chess while sipping an americano and eating a Nutella crepe at 12:15am, this could be your spot.

Greenhouse Effect, 3231 S 900 E, SLC, UT  – (801) 466-3273

Salt Lake Roasting Co in Salt Lake City

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7. Salt Lake Roasting Company

Salt Lake Roasting Co is one of Salt Lake’s oldest coffee roasters, if not THE oldest. It’s a BIG coffee shop, with two levels and lots of seating, both inside and out. It’s open late, till 10pm, and has become one of the most reliable evening hang out spots in the city. These guys definitely know their coffee, and they go to great lengths to bring some of the world’s best coffee beans back here to SLC. They have “over 30 types of coffee beans, including single origin, custom blends, dark roasts and decafs” according to their website. Amazing!

Salt Lake Roasting Co., 320 East 400 South, SLC, UT – 801-363-7572

La Barba coffee in Salt Lake City

Photo Credit: Facebook

8. La Barba

La Barba is the brain child of Charming Beard Coffee, and actually resides within the Finca restaurant in Downtown SLC. This was an easy choice for one of the Best Local Coffee Shops in Salt Lake City. As I mentioned on our Instagram profile a while back, La Barba certainly deserves a 10 for presentation, a 10 for taste, and naturally, a 10 for overall awesomeness.

They serve Charming Beard Coffee, of course, and some of the most impressively presented pastries and espresso drinks that you’ll ever see in your life!

La Barba, 327 West 200 South, SLC, UT (inside Finca) 

Rose Establishment Coffee Shop in Salt Lake City

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9. Rose Establishment

The Rose Establishment was an mandatory inclusion in the Best Local Coffee Shops in Salt Lake City. The Rose Establishment is located on 400 W, just south of The Gateway and north of Pioneer Park, the westernmost member of our 10 Best Local Coffee Shops in Salt Lake City list. You’ve probably driven by it countless times on the way to or from a Utah Jazz game at Vivint Smart Home Arena. Open since October of 2010, they serve strictly Four Barrel Coffee and have referred to themselves as SLC’s “other living room.” People certainly enjoy spending time at the Rose Establishment, so it’s an appropriate nickname for a local coffee shop that obsesses on the whole experience of their patrons, not just the coffee.

Rose Establishment, 235 S 400 W, SLC, UT 84101 – (801) 990-6270

Red Moose Coffee Company in Salt Lake City

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10. Red Moose

As you might expect with a name like Red Moose Coffee Company, this coffee shop has somewhat of a mountainy, rustic feel to it. Red Moose was started in a coffee kiosk, and over the years has grown into one of the best coffee shops in Salt Lake City. It’s located in the Sugar House neighborhood and serves a full menu of food and drinks. They make the vast majority of their baked goods from scratch, and are known for great muffins, pastries, cinnamon rolls, and more.

Red Moose Coffee Company, 1693 South 900 East, SLC, UT – (801) 906-8864

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