Remember these malls? These photos of the old Crossroads Plaza and ZCMI Center Malls in Downtown SLC will surely bring back some memories

It wasn’t that long ago, in downtown Salt Lake City, that City Creek Center didn’t exist and Crossroads Plaza and ZCMI Center Mall were THE places to go shopping. Especially around Christmas time! If you grew up in Salt Lake, you surely spent a decent chunk of your childhood roaming these malls, riding the escalators, and basically being a Mall Rat. Remember the 3 stories of escalators, the elevators you could see out of, and how Crossroads Plaza was connected to the Marriott hotel?

If you don’t give a rip about anything but the photos, that’s cool. I get it. Just scroll down to the photo slideshow…

The ZCMI Center mall was near Temple Square in Downtown Salt Lake City. It opened in 1975 and closed in 2007. At the time it opened, it was the largest downtown mall in the entire country.

“On October 3, 2006, the LDS Church announced redevelopment plans for the ZCMI Center and Crossroads Plaza malls, as part of a $1 billion redevelopment plan known as the City Creek Center. The plan called for the demolition of the ZCMI Center Mall and the Crossroads Plaza Mall by the end of summer 2008.” – Wikipedia

Here is an interesting article about the history of both Crossroads Plaza and ZCMI Center Malls.

Enjoy the slideshow…
Crossroads Plaza & ZCMI Center Mall




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