Have you ever been at the grocery store, and you can’t remember for the life of you if you need more bread or eggs? Maybe your wife went to the store earlier that day and already bought some eggs, but never told you she went shopping. You sure don’t want to buy a dozen more eggs, only to get home and see that you already have a full carton in the fridge. Those eggs would just be wasted because let’s be honest, you’re too damn busy to drive back to the store to return the eggs, if they’d even let you return them. How much food do we waste as Americans every year because we overbought food that we didn’t need? (I have no clue, Google it. It’s probably a lot.) Wouldn’t it be great if we could magically see into our fridge or pantry while walking down the aisles of the grocery store? Imagine how much food (and money) we could save as Americans each year if we didn’tover-buy food that we didn’t need.

The solution to over-buying and wasting food may be just around the corner. We all have that wacky Facebook friend who is overly excited about turning a lamp on & off (repeatedly) with their iPhone, don’t we? Well, keep an open mind. Smart home technology is coming, and can add some serious value and convenience to our lives. Some of the biggest kitchen appliance makers in the world like LG and Samsung are already working on it, and the technology is just now becoming available to the masses at your neighborhood Home Depot or Lowes.


As weird as it probably sounds now, your future refrigerator will have a camera INSIDE of it, and be connected to the internet and of course, your smartphone. If you’re at the grocery store and forgot your shopping list, just pull out your iPhone and take a look inside your fridge via the camera. Whoa, you have enough eggs and milk, but you are running dangerously low on Heineken and Capri Sun! Could you imagine not having that smart fridge? You would have gone without your precious German brewski and Capri Sun tonight. Your smart fridge just saved the night. I know, I know, I joke but think of the convenience and practicality of the smart fridge. You prevented yourself from over buying food that you didn’t need, probably preventing that food being wasted, and you discovered some other items that you didn’t know you needed. As smart fridges become more affordable and accepted, just imagine the amount of food you’ll prevent from being wasted… and of course, the money you’ll save.

Recently I read a report that even Google and Apple are getting into the smart appliance game! If that isn’t a clue as to where the market is headed, I don’t know what is. Great entrepreneurial minds like Gary Vaynerchuk have also predicted that in the VERY near future, the “smartification” of everything will not just be a trend, but the norm. (Note: Gary Vee predicted this trend over 2 years ago, when he said this.). The Smart Home revolution is not coming… it’s here.

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