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Published on December 28, 2017

Ever thought about starting your own show? Doing any video of your own?

On Salt Lake Insider: Episode 12, we learn some valuable tips from a pro to make your video awesome, straight from the man behind the camera, the dude who films and edits this #SaltLakeInsider show.

Cory Bowcut, the founder of Bowcut Productions, is a Salt Lake City videographer and producer. He tells us how to master lighting, audio, and composition, as well as what equipment he recommends to an aspiring videographer or entrepreneur on a budget.

  • Which apps make filming on your iPhone better?
  • What kind of tripod should you use?
  • How about choosing a mic?

Bowcut Productions is a local video production company that makes great music videos, along with wedding and real estate videos.


1. Content > Equipment

Salt Lake City Videographer: Bowcut Productions - Camera.All you’ve got is an iPhone? No problem. Got your hands on a basic DSLR? Perfect.

Don’t let equipment be an excuse. Cool gear is cool. But the content you produce is what makes the difference.

Cory’s advice:

“Don’t let the idea of a nice camera hold you back from making something.”

And, he’s got a point. 2 years ago, the video industry got a shock when one of the best films at the Sundance Festival was filmed entirely on an iPhone 5S, with an $8 video app.

Execution over equipment. Really let that sink in.


2. Expose your subject

Salt Lake City Videographer: Bowcut Productions - Exposure.I, for one, was always taught that the sun should be behind the camera. I heard that if you put the sun in front of the camera, the sun in the background would be brighter than the subject in the foreground.

It’s called back-lighting, and I thought it was a cardinal sin.

Turns out I was wrong. Cory says to put the sun behind your subject, in full view of the camera lens if need be, while you stand in their shadow. But here’s the kicker:

Turn your exposure settings all the way up.

Even on the iPhone, you can tap and hold the screen over your subject’s face. A little sun icon appears. Slide upward to increase the exposure.

Cory’s advice:

“The camera pointing into the sun, turn up the exposure. You’ll get them exposed right. Your background will be a little brighter, but your content will look good.”


3. Good audio = happy viewer

Salt Lake City Videographer: Bowcut Productions - Audio.Guess what? I messed this one up too. Guess I should stick to my day job.

Luckily Cory came in and set me straight. The man is an absolute wizard at this stuff.

Here’s the thing—

Use an external mic. Your camera’s microphone will do in a pinch, but a dedicated mic will produce much better sound.

It requires a bit of editing after the video (and audio) are recorded, but syncing up your video and audio in Final Cut, Premiere, or even iMovie is not hard to do.


4. Products & Gear

Salt Lake City Videographer: Bowcut Productions - Equipment.Cory does amazing work, doesn’t he? He even manages to make me look halfway decent! He should win an Oscar for that.

How does he clean up my ugly mug so well? Let’s take a look at some of the professional equipment Cory uses and/or recommends.

Camera Apps

  • ProMovie Recorder (iPhone)
  • Filmic Pro (iPhone & Android)
  • Camera Zoom FX (Android)
  • Camera FV-5 (Android)




Salt Lake City Videographer: Cory @ Bowcut Productions.

Cory Bowcut, Salt Lake City Video Ninja

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