Welcome to the our “Recommended Resources” section, a hand picked list of the products, tools, software, and websites that I personally use, and strongly recommend that you use as well.

I personally use and have tested every recommendation on this page. I refuse to recommend something unless it has real value. I’d feel like a jerk for keeping them to myself. You won’t see a bunch of crap recommended here; only stuff I like and use.

Many of the resources listed here are crucial to running my business (or were crucial to developing Easy Agent PRO to where it is today).

-EAP Homes, Founder of SearchSaltLake.com

You know that photo and video content is super important to me… and of course Snapchat. I found this cool, easy to use (and inexpensive!) Bluetooth remote on Amazon and it works great! It’s actually the only remote that I have seen that will work with Snapchat video when you hold the button down. At just $6.99 and an Amazon Prime item, you need to get one! Hell, get a few for gifts for your friends and fam.


Social Media. Branding. Marketing, Relationships. Communication. Being a good human being. Basically, if you’re breathing you should be reading Gary Vee’s new book, #askgaryvee. If you are in business for yourself on ANY level, or have any desire to start a blog, website, or business of any kind EVER… then you need to get to know Gary Vaynerchuk immediately. His newest book (released March 2016) is absolutely amazing and I strongly recommend you read it.