Salt Lake Insider w/ EAP Homes – Episode 4 w/ Jay Glauser of The Main Street Entrepreneur

Interviewing 100 entrepreneurs in 100 days taught them how NOT having money to start a business may actually be an asset.

On episode 4 of Salt Lake Insider, we sat down with Jay Glauser of The Main Street Entrepreneur. If you own a business, or have any desire to start a business anytime soon, you’ll definitely learn some valuable things in this episode.

Jay and Mike Glauser, the founders of The Main Street Entrepreneur and partners in a company called My New Enterprise actually did a coast-to-coast bike tour across the USA a while back and interviewed 100 different successful entrepreneurs in 100 days, all along the way. 100 Cities. 100 Entrepreneurs. 4,005 Miles. 165,748 Feet of vertical climb. What an experience! The bike tour was even picked up by some major business publications and was written about in Forbes, Inc, CNN Money, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Fast Company. That’s some serious exposure!

Learn more about The Main Street Entrepreneur Bike Tour here.

You’ve probably heard of some of the companies that Jay & Mike interviewed on their bike tour; Justin’s Nut Butter, Sinclair Oil, Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat Company, etc. After interviewing 100 successful entrepreneurs, Jay said there were some common themes that they started noticing between these founders. The biggest one is that not having money can actually be an asset. Jay provides much more context to that in the episode, along with a plethora of other golden nuggets of business advice. You’ll definitely learn a few things in this episode of Salt Lake Insider w/ The Main Street Entrepreneur.

Thank you to Jay Glauser and The Main Street Entrepreneur for being such a great, open, knowledgeable guest on Salt Lake Insider, Episode 4.

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