Why the hell does everyone think that Spring is the best time to sell their home? Is this even accurate? Or are most sellers (and their Realtors) misguided and making decisions based on inaccurate information? Is it possible that the conventional wisdom is not very wise at all?

I was reading this AWESOME article earlier today written by Ryan Fitzgerald of Raleigh Realty in North Carolina. He inspired me to write this article and do this video on the topic of the ‘best time of year to sell a home.’ You’ll see that the data goes against conventional wisdom, which in and of itself is usually a good sign.

In the article, Ryan asked one simple question to 12 of the most well respected, top Real Estate professionals in the country… ‘Should sellers wait until Spring to sell their home?’ Whether you’re a home owner, a Realtor or a mortgage officer, you should definitely take a few minutes and read Ryan’s article. The sharpest minds in real estate collaborated to make sure no stone was left unturned on the topic.

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Want the cliffs notes? Fine! Have it your way…

6 Reasons to NOT Wait Until Spring to Sell Your Home:

  1. You’ll have way more competition in Spring! – Yes, it’s true that more homes are sold in the spring time, but that’s only because everyone else waits until Spring to list their home for sale!
  2. Interest rates may be higher in the spring, meaning that fewer people will be able to afford your home. By waiting, you could be inadvertently reducing the number of buyers who can buy your home. The Federal Reserve is expected to continue raising interest rates throughout 2017.
  3. Many job transfers happen at the beginning of the year – and those people will need to buy a home… FAST!
  4. Home sale statistics show that homes can sell faster during winter months.
  5. We get more serious buyers in winter– Spring brings out the ‘just browsing’ open house crowd. The ‘looky loo’s’ will only come to your open house to eat your Realtors cookies, and they’ll never buy a damn thing.
  6. Less competition! Because so many home sellers believe they should wait until Spring, there are so many less homes for sale for you to compete with. In Cottonwood Heights, Utah, at the time I wrote this, there were only 3 homes for sale in an entire neighborhood near Butler Middle School. However there are dozens and dozens of buyers trying desperately to find a home to buy, but there just aren’t enough homes for sale. I can’t imagine a better time to sell a home!

6 Reasons to NOT Wait Until Spring to Sell Your Home

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